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Ayubowan and welcome to a truly unbelievable place on Earth! SRI LANKA
Marco Polo, the legendary 13th century explorer described Sri Lanka as "The finest island of its size in the world...and "this is the island to visit in a lifetime"
While Sir Arthur C. Clarke, science fiction author, inventor and futurist went on to say: "It may well be that each of Sri Lanka's attractions is surpassed somewhere on Earth...but I find it hard to believe that there is any country which scores so highly in all departments"
Sri Lanka is a magical tropical island tucked away in the deep emerald waters of the Indian Ocean just below the mighty Indian peninsula. This beautiful landmass just 65, 610 sq km in extent is truly amazing for its size; it possesses a fascinating array of amazing natural wonders and treasures that's hard to believe.
Undoubtedly there is no other country in the world where one can experience the world's finest beaches, a proud legacy of ancient monuments, the wild world of deep jungles and national parks, the thrill of adventure sports, magnificent landscapes, the wonders of the living ocean, traditional holistic healing, exotic spices, the world's finest teas, precious gemstones, colourful traditional festivals, authentic native cuisine, friendly, smiling people and much more, all in a matter of hours.
Just imagine a vacation that's jam packed with excitement; diverse things to do each day, a bounty of new experiences and abundance of unforgettable moments waiting to happen.
At Angara Tours we ensure you see all this and more in the best of company. Our years of experience and knowledge about the industry have stood us in good stead when putting together a truly memorable vacation that will let you experience a bit of paradise on earth!
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